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Freddy Krueger
Portrayed by Robert Englund
First appearance A Nightmare on Elm Street
In-story stats
Known ability Dream manipulation
Age Who knows.
Date of birth November 29, 1938
Home 1428 Elm Street
Occupation Serial killer
Significant other Loretta Krueger
Child Maggie Burroughs

Freddy Krueger is a serial killer who kills children and teenagers in their dreams.

Character History

Freddy Krueger was born November 29 1938. Krueger's origin evolved slowly over the course of the film series. Each subsequent film revealed new information that intertwined with the backstory established in the original film. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors and A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child provided the origin of Krueger’s birth, which began with a tragic incident involving his mother in the late 30's. During a Christmas holiday, a young nun named Sister Mary Helena (a.k.a. Amanda Krueger) was accidentally trapped inside a ward of the Westin Hills psychiatric hospital, which housed the very worst of the criminally insane. Amanda was raped and tortured by the 100 patients confined there. She was found days later, near dead and now pregnant. Frederick Charles Krueger was born months later after a breech birth and was given up for adoption.

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare revealed that Krueger was placed with an abusive alcoholic named Mr. Underwood (Alice Cooper), who brutalized the boy. As a child, Freddy exhibited sociopathic behavior, which included killing small animals. He was an outcast at school, ridiculed by other children as "son of a hundred maniacs." In his late teens, Freddy practiced self-mutilation; after learning the "secret of pain", he murdered Underwood.

Later in adulthood, Krueger would go on to marry a woman named Loretta, with whom he would have a daughter, Kathryn. The Krueger family resided in Freddy's childhood home at 1428 Elm Street. In the film Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, Freddy's past is tied with the house that appears in every Nightmare film: 1428 Elm Street. In 1992, a companion book to the film series, The Nightmare Never Ends, was released containing a short hypothesis by author Andy Mangels regarding the inconsistent appearances of the house on 1428 Elm Street shown in the Nightmare sequels. Mangels suggests that Freddy's past shown in Freddy's Daddy takes place at another street number – though the film blatantly shows the house number at 1428. A scene cut from the film also shows the central character finding Freddy's old lair behind a poorly sealed wall in the basement of 1428 Elm Street. The article from The Nightmare Never Ends has created confusion for the fan community, even though the shooting script for the film and Director/Screenwriter Rachel Talalay confirmed that Krueger's family lived in the house that would become infamous. Andy Mangels himself had no part in the scriptwriting or production of the film, so his theory is not considered canon. Kathryn was shown to still be a child when children from the neighborhood went missing and were later found dead. Soon after, Loretta learned that in the basement of the house, Freddy had a secret room where he kept devices of torture, newspaper clippings of his crimes, and different versions of his clawed glove. Loretta promised that "she won't tell", but Freddy strangled her in front of Kathryn, "for snooping in daddy's special work". Krueger worked at the local power plant, and it was there he took 20 missing children and murdered them in the plant's boiler room. The police were unable to solve the cases and newspapers dubbed the mysterious killer the "Springwood Slasher".