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BuzzBomber is super, thanks for asking!
Portrayed by Luke Thomas Fletcher
Nickname L. T.
Powers Precognition, Sarcasm
Alias L. T. Dangerous
Sex Male
Age 20
Date of birth July 2, 1987
Home Derbyshire, England
Occupation Student
Favorite Heroes quote "Oh no...I broke history!" --Hiro Nakamura
Favorite quote "I enjoy destroying lives- it turns me on!" --Vince McMahon
Favorite color Red
Favorite episode Too many to choose from.
Favorite graphic novel Too many to choose from.
Favorite character Hiro Nakamura. Or maybe Elle?
Least favorite character Niki. For God's sake, woman, just embrace your ability. No, wait. Mohinder for being a jessie. No, wait!! West. West for sucking. Yeah.
Favorite power Flight
Favorite impersonator Candice
Favorite fruit Apple
Favorite sport Professional Wrestling
Favorite magazine NGamer. Or, alternatively, Heroes: The Official Magazine
I am from the
United Kingdom