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Behind the Eclipse

Week 1

Cael comes with questions:

  • Okay we know there are 12 Founders of the Company. Three being girls: Angela, Paula, and.... some other lady. Is her name Susan Ammaw? Hopefully this will seriously end a question people keep debating about but won't ask.
    • I believe it’s Amman. And yes. Amman.
  • In an earlier BEHIND THE ECLIPSE, you said Bob would be turning objects into things other than gold, but so far everything has been coming up gold. Was the original idea to allow him to do other stuff and because of some event it was just decided to be just gold?
    • Originally, Bob was going to turn a wood door into steel to stop a rampaging Niki in the episode “Out of Time,” but the effect looked, well, like crap, so it was cut. But we had every intention of making Bob more than just an alchemist.
  • Sparrow Redhouse, is she ever gonna appear? You guys said she would but she hasn't.
    • She was potentially going to make her appearance in episode 12, but that might be pushed off until later in the season. Keep your eyes peeled.

Week 2

  • A Dr. Henry Strauss appeared in a graphic vovel doing some mutation experiments. Is it possible that he could have helped Dr. Zimmerman create Tracy Strauss?
    • It’s totally possible.

Cael, you’re on to something. Next question:

  • Hiro and Ando are locked up in Level 5. Flint used his fire in his cell and Peter phased through his cell. Assuming that the Haitian will not stay on Level 5 forever, can't Hiro just teleport him and Ando out or does the Company have some ability stopping technology in the cells?
    • The company definitely has some ability-stopping “technology” in Level 5.