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Michael Fitzgerald
Portrayed by Sean Bean
First appearance Assignments
In-story stats
Known ability Enhanced Strength

Michael Fitzgerald is a Level 5 escapee with the ability of enhanced strength.

Character History


Michael Fitzgerald was seen in a restaurant eating a sandwich, when John Dolan and Lance Anderson come in to take him to Level 5. He fights them off using his strength, but is stopped when John tasers him when he tries to flee from the scene.

Evolved Human Abilities

Michael Fitzgerald has the ability of enhanced strength. His eyes and the tattoos across his body appear to glow when his ability is in use. He was able to punch John into a window of a restaurant, ending up outside of the building. He was also able to throw John's partner Lance, out the same window, but en up landing on a car a few feet away from where John did.

See Also

To see the history of Michael Fitzgerald, before Heroes Legends, see the main article.

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