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Story Development

Michael Fitzgerald · Enhanced Strength


John and Lance are walking down a Primatech hallway when Bennet turns a corner and requests to talk to John alone. Lance says ok, and continues to walk. Bennet walks over to John and says, "You did a nice job with Tyler Gavin. But your first assignment, that is what I told you not to do." John replies with, "I know, but I feel horrible doing this. All I’m trying to do is to get my memory back and take this company down. Speaking of which, you haven’t told me what your plan is."

"I’ll tell you when I have it all planned out. And as for your memory loss, well, you’re going to have to get through that yourself." Angered now, John says, "I woke up with no memory just barely over a week ago. I need something." Bennet says in a calming way, "Alright, I’ll look into the files and see if there is anyone with an ability to give back memories. But in the meantime, do your job."

"Fine." Just as Noah was walking away, John stops him saying, "Oh wait. Who is the guy I didn’t shoot? My first assignment." Bennet answers, "We found out his name is James Wright. He has an ability, but we aren’t sure what it is. We do know it involves fire. Anyway, don’t you have an assignment you should be working on?" Dolan says, "No." Bennet looks in the file folder he is carrying and pulls out a sheet of paper and responds "Actually..." John grabs it and goes out to the car where Lance is.

"What did he want to talk to you about?" John answered, "Not to screw up again." Lance responds, "Ok then. What’s that?" "This is our next assignment. His name is Michael Fitzgerald. He has enhanced strength." Lance says surprised, "Michael? He escaped again?" John asks, "You know him?"

"Not personally, but he has been trouble for the Company."

They pulled up to a small restaurant and headed inside. They saw Michael sitting at a table eating a sandwich. He looked up and saw them walking toward him. "Aww, come on, just let me finish my lunch." Michael said sarcastically. Lance played along, "Sorry Mike, time to go home." Michael responded, "Some home. But, if you want to play it that way." Suddenly his eyes were glowing red, and he broke off the table at the booth, flinging it at the two agents. As Michael hit John causing him to fly through the window, Lance pulled out his gun. But Michael grabbed it and twisted it until the tip broke off. He then grabbed Lance and whipped him through the gaping hole that used to be a window and into a parked car. He hopped over the ledge of the windowsill to outside the restaurant. But John tasered him and he fell to the ground.

"Nice job. Phew, that hurts." Lance commented. John added, "At least we have him." Lance remarked, "So, who's next?"

John looked at the sheet of paper and started, "Umm...", but was suddenly interrupted by Lance's ringing phone. Lance answered, "Hello? Yeah it's me. Really, where? Great, we're on it." He hung up and said excitedly, "They found Wright again, and he's not to far, lets go!" They ran to the car, and sped off.

They saw him at a carnival in the park. He ran fast, but John ran a bit faster, and focusing his vision. Lance raced through the crowd trying to cut through for short cuts. Lance finally got in front of Jimmy so when Jimmy saw him he stopped. Then John stopped right behind him. John pulled out his gun, and fired at his back. But Jimmy was so quick he turned around and lit the bullet on fire, melting it. Then Jimmy turned toward Lance and focused. He blew up a grill which exploded about a foot away from him. Lance flew back a few feet ignited in flames, while John was in shock.

To be Continued...


Memorable Quotes

"Alright, I’ll look into the files and see if there is anyone with an ability to give back memories. But in the meantime, do your job."

- Bennet (to John Dolan)


  • This is the shortest episode out of all of them so far.
  • This is the only episode to only feature one storyline.

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