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Spontaneous Combustion

Jimmy causes a company agent to burst into flames
Held by: Jimmy Wright,
Amanda Strazzulla
Ability to: cause objects or people to burst into flames by focusing on them.

Spontaneous Combustion is the ability to cause objects or people to burst into flames by focusing on them.



It has been shown that the user of this ability can target both people and objects. The smaller the object the quicker and easier it is to make it burn. While using this power, the user's pupil's dilate and their eyes redden.

With lots of practice, a person with this ability can actually target specific parts of a person or object (Jimmy demonstrated this by burning a paragraph out of a document from a long way away).

If a user tries hard enough, they can control the heat and intensity of a fire. (Jimmy made a person break out in a very extreme fire that burned the person to ashes fairly quickly).

This power does not, however, give the person the ability to control fire or manipulate it. Jimmy has tried several times to control the fires he starts, but to no avail.

The person needs to be in close proximity to the victim for the power to work.

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