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Claire watches pyrokinesis.JPG
Meredith produces a small fire in her hand.
Originally held by: Meredith Gordon (deceased),
Flint Gordon, Jr. (deceased),
Coach Lewis (deceased)
Absorbed by: Peter Petrelli (lost),
Peter Petrelli (explosion future)
Ability to: Create and manipulate fire
Examples of pyrokinesis

Pyrokinesis is the ability to create and manipulate fire with one's mind.






Meredith Gordon

Meredith normally demonstrated her ability by creating a small fire from her fingertips or in the palm of her hand, however she could also create fireballs and direct streams of flame. Heat from her hand could quickly spread along the walls of a shipping container, making them hot enough to burn Claire. Meredith was not hurt by the fire she creates, and she seemed to be resistant to other consequences of its use; her flames generated enough heat and consumed enough oxygen from a shipping container to nearly suffocate Claire, but Meredith seemed completely unaffected, not even breaking a sweat (One of Us, One of Them). It is not yet clear whether she was resistant to flames or heat that she did not create herself.

Claude claimed that Meredith "exploded" when he and Mr. Bennet tried to "bag and tag" her for the Company (Hell's Angel), indicating that she could produce large amounts of flame from all over her body. The maximum amount of heat and/or flame she could produce is not yet known.

After capturing Meredith, Thompson was able to prevent her from attacking him by making her wear flame retardant gloves, suggesting Meredith was dependent on her hands to use her ability. Thompson also threatened to place her in an asbestos-lined cell. (Villains)

When Sylar injected her with adrenaline, Meredith's power became increasingly difficult to control; she involuntarily released bursts of flame with increasing frequency, and eventually "exploded" in a fireball that set fire to the Primatech Research building. (Dual)

Future Peter Petrelli

A Future Peter is able to recall bright red flames at will, using them against Sylar and his icy ability (Five Years Gone). Peter is shown to be able to generate significant amount of fire as his fight with Sylar starts to break down the locked door that two soldiers and Matt Parkman are trying to break down.


Maarten shows advanced control over his ability, as he is able to conjure large flames and launch them in precise streams over long distances or unleash and manipulate the flames from all across his body. Even though he was momentarily stunned by the liquid man's explosion of water, he was able to quickly recover and resume conjuring flames. (Team Building Exercise)

Flint Gordon

Flint demonstrated advanced control over his ability of pyrokinesis, and would often keep the fires he created burning just for amusement. Flames that he created were always blue to blue-ish white, indicating that they were burning at a high temperature that he described as "extra hot". In the graphic novel Playing with Fire, Flint tells Meredith that he manipulates his fire so that it is hotter than hers.

Flint was subdued by Thompson with the use of flame retardant foam. Flint couldn't use his ability, suggesting that he was dependent on his hands to use his ability, much like his sister. Flint was also seen producing jets of flame and throwing fireballs like his sister as well, but Flint was much more reckless with his ability, often creating far bigger flames than his sister did. (Villains).

Flint claimed that he can't be burned (Dual), suggesting either that he had some control over flame that he didn't create himself or that his ability provided him with immunity to high levels of heat and flame from any source.

Peter Petrelli

Peter was able to create flames that are blue, similar to Flint. He was able to create the flames engulfing his hand, but never further demonstrated this ability.


Iris has only demonstrated her ability by creating a small fire in the palm of her hand.


Reese used his ability to ignite a sign that protested evos, and then to intimidate an angry protester. However, when Phoebe stole all the light, Reese's fire was extinguished right from his hand. (Dark Matters, Part 3)

Coach Lewis

Before he was executed, Coach Lewis was able to create a "hot ball of living flame" between his hands, and then throw that fireball at others. Unique to him, Coach Lewis could also create a "concussion wave" capable of throwing people backwards. However, the coach's fire was still vulnerable to fire extinguishers, which brought about his downfall. It's also notable that the deceased coach's blood "caught fire like gasoline". (Brave New World)

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Please refer to Theory:Pyrokinesis for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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