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What the bones look like
Held by: Callum Hayes
Ability to: have one's skeleton completely made up of metal in result causing you to be nearly indestructible

Indestructibility is the ability to have one's skeleton completely made up of metal, almost machinery, in result causing you to be nearly indestructible.



Though the bones are nearly indestructible, this does not mean they cannot die, though difficult to kill. If damaged enough, the user will die. For example, if shot, the bullets will stick in the the body, but it would need more bullets to kill them than an ordinary person. It is unknown how many bullets it would take to kill one person, but a gun may lose all of its ammo trying.

This ability does seem to have some regenerative properties. It takes longer to heal than the original ability, but it will heal in about a day. However, the ability will only heal the body until the bones and muscles are covered. Any cuts will have to heal over time and scars will last permanently. This ability has another byproduct as well. One can use an abnormal amount of strength to push a person back quite a few feet, even push a car to it side. Because of its strength property, the user could run a bit faster and make large leaps than an ordinary human.

The bones look as if they are machinery.


  • Users of this ability still sleep, and feel pain, hunger and thirst.
  • Users of this ability are not as strong as Niki, Knox and Mohinder, and are not as fast as Daphne and Edgar.

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