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Colossus X2.jpg
To fight off some enemies, Catalyst shows off his newly acquired ability to turn into metal and to prove he cannot be stopped by them.
Known Ability Information Absorption
Acquired Abilities,
Metal Mimicry
Enhanced Strength
Gender Male
Age 15
Favorite Heroes Quote "Good things do come to those who wait."
-Sylar (In Matt's thoughts; Brother's Keeper)
Favorite Quote "The future is not set."
Favorite Episode V1: Five Years Gone
V2: Lizards
V3: Dying of the light
V4: Exposed
V5: Orientation
Favorite GN Flying Blind, Viewpoints, Truths, The Rebellion Series
Favorite Comedian Aziz Ansari

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A Bit About Me

I've been a fan of heroes for a long time. I had a late start watching it. The first episode I saw was .07% then Five Years Gone. I wasn't to sure about Heroes When I saw it first. But when I saw Five Years Gone, I had to watch it from the beginning. So I rented it on DVD.

I hope to be a newspaper photographer, for I love taking pictures. I have been told that I a good at it and should keep it up. So I will take their advice and try to pursue what I want to do.

My all time favorite characters in the show are Peter and Sylar. Their character personalities are great, and the two actors play them perfectly. I also love that they are the ones who can have multiple abilities. And for the record, I don't like them because they are the most powerful (though has something to do with it), but the fact that because of them, we see more abilities, and we get to see them stay in the show if some characters die or even just leave. My favorite ability on the show...i guess it would be a tie between Telekinesis, and Invisibility. The ability to grab anything without moving, and able to sneak up on people or anything for that matter. I have made many fan creation which you can see below, in my navbar. My favorite episode is Five Years Gone. Lime I said above, it is the episode that got me into Heroes. It will always be my favorite out of all of them. I am working on a project. I have called it Heroes Legends. It is a story that I am writing myself, about a few character and their adventures after the eclipse.

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