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Nina's Ability
Nina's eyes.png
After she steals and is about to be arrested, Nina concentrates on a police officer.
Held by: Nina Matthews
Ability to: cause one to become in a state, similar to a coma.

Nina's ability is the ability to cause one to become in a state, similar to a coma.


Nina Matthews is the only known character to have this ability.


This active ability requires full consentration. When the user focuses on someone, the user's eyes light up, and the one focused on suddenly sees a bright light, like in the image below, and goes unconscious, in to the coma. The user never stops seeing this bright light. Once in the coma, they see nothing else, but the light. From the perspective of the one being attacked, once they see the user's eyes light up, the bright light comes from their eyes to the victim. This is only what the victim sees. If a witness saw this process, he/she would only be seeing the user looking at the victim. This process take a bit less than a minute. It is revealed that this ability can be revered.


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