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Nina Mathews
First appearance Eclipse
In-story stats
Known ability Nina's Ability
Age 25
Date of birth 1982
Home New York City
Occupation FormerTeam member of Pinehearst

Nina Matthews is an evolved human.

Character History

Nina never really had a family. She mostly lived on the streets, and stole many things. When her power kicked in, she was able to rob so many banks, for nobody could stop her. If any one did try, she would just stare at them, and they'd fall and not wake up.


Nina showed up at Tommy's loft. He went out for some beer, but barely made it past the front door. Nina had used her ability to put Tommy in a state, similar to a coma. She made a call afterwards asking what to do with him now.


Nina wakes Tommy up from the effect of her ability. Then her employer, Ross, comes and gives Tommy a choice to join his team.

New Partner

Nina brings in Jack Foreman To Pinehearst, where they are greeted by Tommy. He tells Jack to show his power, and then takes him to Ross.

With or Against

Nina brings in a new member of Pinehearst. Tommy and Jack ask her to join them in taking over, Nina is hesitant on joining Tommy and Jack. But then decides to join. She meets Arthur along with the others, and goes on an assignment. Hers was to kill Matt, but because of his telepathy and his speedy friend, she could not. She is in Arthur's office when the mutiny occurs.


When Nina sees that Ross had killed Jack with his apparent ability, she and Tommy run out the office and away from Pinehearst.

Evolved Human Abilities

Nina has the ability to place people in a coma like state. She has shown that she can reverse the effect of the damage she causes.

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