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Onyx Gypsy

Stare in wonder at the pretty picture.
Powers Geekyness, MPD, Morbidity, Anoyingness
Sex Female
Home wherever I crash for the night
Occupation nuisance
Favorite Heroes quote "You gotta embracey your inner freak"- Zach, to Claire. Homecoming
Favorite quote "Would a mad man be as cunning as I?"- Poe, The Tell-Tale Heart.
Favorite color BLACK!
Favorite episode Dual
Favorite character Insane Sylar, Undead version of Elle Bishop, and Bad-as$ Claire
Favorite power Telekinesis

For everyone out there, you can call me Onyx Gypsy. That of course, isn't my real name, but does have a cool vibe to it. Maybe I should change my name. Maybe I should throw a birthday party for myself when it's not even close to my birthday. Maybe I should learn Latin. Maybe I should... ok fine I'm getting off topic. But this is my page, and I can do what ever I want with it. Like what if I want to type an entire line of lalalalalalalalalalalalala.... (Yeah, borderline normal person, read the lalalala's.) It sorta starts sounding like a song if you read it out loud; lalalalalala.... La. Gosh, someone has to take my sugar away from me. NO DON'T!!!!! I'll die. No really, I will. I'm dependant on all things sweet, adorable, secretly evil, covered in chocolate, and incredibly fattening.

Ok, some real explanation of the name. I move around a lot (hence "Gypsy") and Onyx is just this dark, different, shady, cover the knife with blood and gore, raise the dead... you get the picture. I have issues, like major issues. Like, why do people mispronounce the word caramel? It's pronounced KAir-RA-MELL. And why does caramel even exist? It's just this goo that people stick in the middle of chocolate. It ruins the chocolate! Why? Why would you ruin the chocolate!!!!! Hey wait, did I mention that I liked chocolate?

I have other problems too. Why do some people always have to have the answer to everything? Like this:

BOB: What is paper made from?
NOT BOB: Wood pulp that has been bleached white.
BOB: Why do golf balls have little holes in them?
NOT BOB: The dimples on a golf ball make them fly farther, thus being more aerodynamic
BOB: Why is sky blue?
NOT BOB: The sun's rays...(keep in mind that Not Bob is geek. There is nothing wrong with being a geek, you're just are a wimp and are homework inclined.)
BOB: Why does 2+2=4?
NOT BOB: (pushes glasses higher up nose) Because that is the way it is.
BOB: No, it equals eight! I hate you! Go away! Leave me alone!

Yeah, that's a very accurate representation of the world.

And to any of the weirdos out there that take offence, I'm a geek too.

But I'm a girl geek, which is different from a guy geek, because if you call me geek, I'll break you're neck. (Pointe shoes really hurt when they're driven into the right places.)

Many people wonder why I have an account on a wiki for a tv show. My response is that I am obsessive. I believe that there is nothing wrong with being obsessive, like typing the same sentence over and over again. Like typing the same sentence over and over again. Like typing the same....

I truly like Heroes. It's a great show, with people that cut other people's heads open. (yeah, I know you like watching that too!) I like the way that there is a small part inside of you that roots for Sylar to kill someone else. I tried doing it with other movies. It didn't work. Unless you count "Marley and Me" which I found twistedly funny when the dog died. I was watching it with my friends. They probably thought I was high. (If anyone else was rolling on the floor laughing at the end of "Marley and Me", please leave your signature on the discussion page. I really need someone out there to tell me that I'm not that much freakishly inclined.)

Does anyone think that it would be wrong to create a page for all the characters that have walked away alive? I mean it seem the list would be pretty short, the writers are a little happy-go-lucky when it comes to killing people off. Although if someone made a character of me, I'd probably want to be killed off. Then I would have valid excuse for telling people that I'm dead other than on October 31st. I think fake blood taste good.

Pizza. I love it to death, but it will never compete with chocolate. It has this stupid ring that goes around it that taste like cardboard unless you drench it in oil. Someone needs to come out with a chocolate pizza. It would be like saving money on dessert! Instead of having to wait, we could always eat chocolate pizza. Sorta like the Who's in "The Grinch that Stole Christmas", but with chocolate. Like multitasking. I can see it now, chocolate pizza for a better America. Gosh I sound like a insurance commercial.

I just figured out why I impulsively typed in "The Grinch that Stole Christmas." My friend was wearing a Grinch shirt the same day I was wearing a Halloween shirt. We felt pretty stupid when people started pointing it out. Tomorrow I'll make my own holiday, like the ultimate morbid day. Like this:

PERSON IN CHARGE: Where is your assignment?
ME: I don't have it. I'm dead.
PIC: Are you planning on doing it?
ME: No. I'm dead.
PIC: You're in a lot of trouble, missy.
Me: You're gonna die one day, and your blood's gonna be all over the place.

If I pull that holiday off, I'm gonna need one freakishly large cake. And it gonna be chocolate. (evil laughter)

If anyone didn't notice my suckish spelling, kudos to you. I have these problems with typing in English (the only language I know. Unless you count textbook French, which doesn't count if the teacher has a Southern accent and a twenty word vocabulary. Public schools are so cheap.)

I've had a recent fasination with blood. Fake blood. For some reason last week, I woke up and I wanted to be one of those Special Effects Makeup Artist that get to draw fake blood and gore on famous people. I've been making my own burns/cuts/scars and wearing them around. Let's just say I scared a few people on accident. (tee-hee!

My dog is getting fat.
Maybe it’s because it’s too lazy to go walk itself.
I mean really, am I supposed to drag it around the neighborhood by a leash?
I think I should get a Fur Real pet.
Then I could clip it to my bike and drag it behind me.
I think PETA just read that.
PETA is after me.
I am a wanted pet owner.
No wait, my pet is dead.
Psych, that was the Fur Real pet.
Maybe I should just shave it to make it look skinny.
Then I could make it wear a yellow polka dot bikini.
I don’t even have a yellow polka dot bikini.
Where do you buy yellow polka dot bikini anyways?
Do you think making a fat, hairless dog wear a bikini is inhumane?
If you answered yes to the previous question, insert five dollars and start over.
Maybe the aliens are brain washing us to make our pets look thin.
I thought that was just Hollywood.
Hollywood should start a new fad.
We should all wear fat naked dog dresses.
It would be the biggest thing since sliced bread.
Or unleavened bread.
Or sliced unleavened bread with an excessive amount of cheese and tomato sauce on it.
My dog is probably fat because the aliens were feeding it unleavened tomato-cheese bread.
PETA should press charges against the aliens.
No, they can’t the aliens are dead.
My fat dog just ate a dead alien.
My hairless dog is still fat.

This is my first fan made page:, some feed back would be nice!

The rest of the white space is yours. Read on.

(ha ha, made you look!)