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Dave Emmetts
Portrayed by Hugh Jackman
In-story stats
Known ability None
Age 36
Date of birth 17/5/1973
Home Newark, NJ
Occupation Company Agent

Dave Emmetts is elite Company agent who does not have an ability but is a profficient marksman and fighter. Though Dave has many friends within the Company as is well-liked, the mission always comes first and Dave has no problem with moral ambiguity.

Character History

Dave was born into an American family who trained until they became the best, and went out as mercenaries. This usually this meant there life-span was short, but sometimes and in Dave's case it didn't, he became both very wealthy and successful.

Recruited as an mercenary by Quantum, Dave orginally faced the Company, after one of Quantum's missions was to infiltrate the Company, whom they hated. Dave became a rookie agent. However his potential within the Company soon became apparent and slowly Dave turned away from Quantum, to join the Company.

Several years later, he is one of their best human agents, his skills with fire-arms and quick-thinking earning him the respect and admiration of fellow agents.


  • Dave is considered one of the Company's top and best-paid agents.