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The Hunter.jpg
Powers None
Age 15
Favorite quote 'Eat your brain, Claire that's disgusting'
Favorite color Blue
Favorite episode A Clear and Present Danger
Favorite Heroes actor Christopher Eccleston
Favorite Heroes actress Kristen Bell
Favorite character Danko
Favorite power Telekinesis

Hello I am Danko a.k.a. 'the Hunter', enemy of evolved humans but your friend. Any problems or queries don't hesistate to leave on my talk page. I hope you are all doing well and apologise for my lack of acitivity, but messages on my talk page should reach me.

Cockney Heroes

To my great delight on 28th June 2009, it was revealed that I passed my Cockney Heroes trial and became part of the team. My character for Cockney Heroes is the villain Hydro, he will debut in Volume 3 and I have created Hydro's Origins Arc.[1]

Recently I have also been assisting Leckie in his new series, Visions of Earth. [2]

Tracy tries to save Micah(4).JPG

Danko fires.jpg