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Portrayed by Evan Himself
First appearance ?
In-story stats
Known ability Uber writing/grammar guru
Age 18
Date of birth 24 November 1988
Occupation High School Graduate
Parent Two married parents
Sibling One brother
Two there should be; no more, no less; One to embody the power, the other to crave it.
— Darth Bane

About Me


-I just graduated high school via early graduation. I must say, I am thoroughly enjoying myself and my new found freedom.
-I like to read, write, and use the Internet.
-I love the following manga and anime titles: Naruto, Death Note, Hikaru no Go, I"S, and One Piece
-I am a huge Star Wars and Harry Potter fan. In addition to the films, I am a EU addict. For HP, I've read the books and watched the HP movies countless times.

Wiki Specifics

-As a result of my free time, I visit my usual forums, edit on Wikipedia, and of course, edit here on Heroes Wiki.
-I'm a very cautious editor. I'm not always the most bold person I should be, so I usually stick to fixing spelling errors or wording things.
-I'm not new to Wikis, though I have a lot to learn about the coding and templates. Another reason I stick to simple punctuation and errors.
-Though I tend to fix whatever I see, I have a great interest in the Sylar articles.
-No matter what the situation is with any Wiki I'm on, I alway strive for effiency, neutrality, and openness. I've seen what constant edit wars, disagreements, and hostility can do to's not great.

My References

Image Policy