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Nickname Dman Dustin
Powers Imagination and creativity
Sex Male
Age 21
Date of birth April 23, 1988
Home Idaho, United States

About Me

I like to write, meaning I love to create things by using my imagination. I like to play video games and watch television.

Favorite shows

Show Heroes Smallville House Stargate Sg1 Stargate Atlantis
Description A show about how a group of people learn about their abilities It's Superman as Clark Kent when he lived in Smallville A selfish Doctor who is brilliant and witty A group of four who travel to other worlds using a Stargate Stargate SG-1 in the Pegasus Galaxy
My Rating 9.8 Almost a perfect 10 9.6 9.4 9.6 9.5
Why I watch it It has people with super human abilities, always great for my imagination It's Superman growing up, and it appeals to me because of the super human abilities A doctor with witty comments, and it just appeals to me in some way Aliens, wormholes, what's not to love? As good as Stargate SG-1


I just wanted to add this because I thought it was slightly relevant. I'm the admin for that forum, and through some unfortunate circumstances it was born. Now normally it was going to be a Heroes RPG forum, but that was too limiting so I expanded it.Now it's like "any" other massive Forum with discussion of everything. It's relevant to Heroes Wiki (slightly) because of the Heroes Show Forum I added. It has sub forums for the seasons and Episode Discussions for every aired episode of Heroes. So if you want to discuss Heroes in a actual Forum you could go there. But to do very limited activity of the Forum (I'm the only one who makes any effort recently) you are not obligated to go. But if you want, check it out. Oh and due to the certain limitations of the internet you may think the Forum's name is weird but it's supposed to be "Dustin's Mansion" not " Dustin s Mansion." And also it's called Dustin's Mansion because as with a mansion or any big house it has many rooms to visit. Each room is a different place to discuss different things such as the "News Room" which is obviously about news. The Dustin part is self explanatory as that's my name.

Heroes Survival Character

I recently created a character simply named "Dustin" and he has reality manipulation. One thing that I wanted to note, and I wasn't sure how to do it on Heroes Survival, is the on-camera ability effect of his ability. If Dustin were to be a real character on Heroes whenever he used his ability, there would be a "camera-shake" and then the scene would alter. For example let's say he suddenly thought Claire looked good in a dress. The camera shot would focus on Claire's clothes and the camera would shake and then suddenly the clothes would change into a dress. I think this kind of effect has been used on Heroes before but I can't recall an example. Oh and I apologize if I'm not clear in my description it's kind of hard to describe using words, if I had a visual example I would share it. The reason why I like this on camera effect for his ability because it seems as if reality is fragile, and if he concentrates too hard it would feel like reality would shatter, but instead he just changes it.