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Portrayed by Agassi Adre (That's my real name)
Nicknames Tall, Dark and Not Handsome,
Powers EMP Emmision
Alias Geekgod
Sex Male
Age 17
Date of birth April 2 1992
Home Singapore
Occupation Student
Favorite Heroes quote 'My name is Sylar!'
Favorite quote 'Every action has an equal and opposite reaction' (Not really a quote but Newton's 2nd law of motion)
Favorite colors Orange, Gray, Blue
Favorite episode Five Years Gone
Favorite graphic novel Kill Squad Series
Favorite actor Tom Hanks
Favorite actress Judi Dench
Favorite Heroes actor Zachary Quinto
Favorite Heroes actress Cristine Rose
Favorite character Sylar
Least favorite character Arthur Petrelli (he's a real doosh in my opinion)
Favorite power Telekinesis
Favorite fruit Watermelon
Favorite sport Basketball
Favorite magazine PSM
SG I'm from Singapore

Hiya! I'm ExiledPrince aka Agassi Adre. Originally from the Philippines, moved to Singapore and now back in the Philippines. I'm an average sci-fi geek who's also in to Avatar, Full Metal Alchemist and How I met your mother.


I'm just a teenage kid hoooked on Heroes. I follow it faithfully and I try searching for more spoilers online. I'm a geek at heart and I love gaming, reading and eating.

Other Stuff

Not much, but I am really concerned for the state of the world today, especially global warming.


  • Playstation Portable- functions as his GPS tracker, web browser, MP3.
  • Cellphone- To make calls and text messages, something he wished his PSP-1000 series would do.
  • Notepad- To make notes and record observations.