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Intuitive Empath
Portrayed by Myself
Nickname The Mole
Powers Other than the inner strength found in all people, none.
Alias Now if you knew my alias that would defeat its purpose wouldn't it?
Sex Male
Age You would like to know wouldn't you
Date of birth Ides of March
Home Nashvile
Occupation Student
Favorite Heroes quote "Claire, That's disgusting."
Favorite quote Imagination is more important than knowledge. For as knowledge defines all that we currently know, imagination guides us to all we might yet discover and create.
Favorite color I'm a fan of reds and yellows. Autumn colors
Favorite character Gabriel Gray
Least favorite character Angela Petrelli
Favorite power Intuitive aptitude, Space/time manipulation

Hi my name is Firemole. I love heroes and spend alot of time on this sight. My favorite characters are Sylar (the current semi-good guy yet still kick-ass anti-hero. Gabriel Gray from the future is far to soft,and not the crazy demon of the 1st season.),Hiro, and Ando (Im also developing a fondness for Peter and Daphne).My least favorites are the much over used Claire Bennet, and Angela (she may possibly be the mother of Satan himself. It wouldn't surprise me with all the people she has slept with.)