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Kendra Bowe
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Portrayed by Hayden Panettiere
First appearance Chapter 1
In-story stats
Known ability Telekinesis
Formal name Kendra Ellen Bowe
Age 17
Date of birth March 24, 1992
Place of birth America
Home China
Residence Southern Temple
Parent Unnamed wealthy business owner

Kendra Bowe is a special with the ability of telekinesis, or the ability to move objects with her mind. She is a scholar, and the daughter of a rich and powerful man from America. Her father sent her to China to investigate the decade-long war going on between the Southern temple and the Northern temple. She is a very skilled fighter, and helps Dylan on his quest to find the Trinity Sphere.

Evolved Human Abilities

Kendra can move light to heavy objects with her mind. The heaviest thing she has lifted currently is a large oak tree, which she hurled at Jim when Dylan and he were fighting. She is also an expert in the fighting style Tay Son, and wields an Asian-crafted spear.

Character History

Kendra was born and raised to a rich and wealthy business owner, who now controls half of New York City. When she turned 17, her father decided to send her on a journey to further her studies, which was to study the war between the Northern and Southern temples. She meets up with Dylan in the forest connecting the temples, when she is running away from Northern temple warriors, who had her prisoner. Dylan rescued her, and she now currently lives at the temple with Dylan and Choi, studying the temple day and night.