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In-story stats
Known abilities Power Mimicry
Absorbed Abilities:
Ability Detection,
Ability Suppression.
Mimicked Abilities:
Accelerated Probability.
Formal name Remer Edward
Alias Epoch
Nickname Reem
Age 20
Date of birth 14 February
Place of birth Coral Gables, FL
Occupation Adventurer
Significant other None
Parents Joseph 'Joe' Edward (Father-Deceased), Eva 'Evie' Edward (Mother-Deceased)

Remer Edward is the only son of Joe and Evie Edward, a pair of evolved humans. His parents worked for an Organization that used people with abilities. His parents, wanting something better for their son, tried to escape from the Organization. They managed to go on the run (much to Remer's dismay) for years. Operatives of the Organization finally caught up with them in Caracas, Venezuela. His parents were murdered and he had nowhere to go. Deciding that the Organization needed to be stopped, he decided to use his abilities to make sure they never hurt anyone again. Knowing alone he did not stand a change, he decided to head back to the States to find help.


Character History

Evolved Human Abilities

Reem has the ability to absorb or mimic another evolved humans ability.

Abilities Absorbed

Abilities Mimicked

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