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Quinn Malloy
In-story stats
Known abilities Telepathy, Telekinesis and Teleportation
Formal name Quinn Devin Malloy
Nicknames Q, Q-Ball
Age 24
Date of birth 14 February
Place of birth Coral Gables, FL
Home Las Vegas, NV
Residences London, UK
Occupation Professional Poker Player
Parents Devin Malloy (father-deceased),
Keira Malloy (mother)

Quinn Malloy is an evolved human living in Las Vegas. He is a professional poker player who travels the world playing in tournaments. While he is a very good player, he uses one of his gifts to place in the money at every tournament. He realizes it is cheating but he is not above bending the rules a little. He has gotten into the habit of screening every one in his vicinity, just to see if they are special.


The first of Q's abilities manifested when he was 13 years old. He discovered he could influence people. At 15 years old he discovered that he could manipulate objects with his mind. At 18 years of age, he discovered he could teleport vast distances. He initially felt like an outcast and kept it a secret from friends and family alike. After coming to terms with his feelings, he realized the enormous potential his powers afforded him. He used his abilities to breeze through school and college. He picked up poker in college and took it up full time after graduation. He is a basically good person, he just lacks the direction and motivation to do more with what he has been given.

Character History

Evolved Human Abilities

Q is a very adept telepath. He is able to mentally control any function the brain controls, hear other people's thoughts, scan the memory of other people and send thoughts directly to other people's minds. He is able to link minds together for two-way communication. He is a very skilled telekinetic, able to manipulate multiple objects with minimal effort. Lastly, he is able to teleport to any place on Earth.


  • Q-Ball is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. He has a facility learning new languages partly due to his telepathic ability.


  • This character's ability set was inspired by "The Tomorrow People" television show from the '70's (not the reincarnations from '92, '95 or '01) and watching late night WSOP tournament replays.