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In-story stats
Known ability Enhanced Physiology
Alias Shaolin
Age 68
Date of birth Hong Kong
Home New York, NY

Zhang Zhi is fiercely private. All that is really known about him is that he was raised in a monastery.


Zhang Zhi is fiercely private. All that is really known about him is that he was raised in a monastery. When he manifested the changes were subtle. He was already in good physical and mental condition but everything started to come easier. He soon rose through the ranks and became the most accomplished martial artists the order had ever seen. At forty, he decided that he needed to see the world. He parted company and went to the mainland. He found life there unappealing. He found that he could make easy money in tournaments and decided to travel the circuit internationally. It was very easy for him because of his ability until people noticed that not only did he heal quickly but also without scarring. They did not understand how he did it and at that age. He was quickly barred and fell of the grid in disgrace. He bounced around and came to the realization that fighting underground would be his only out. He could go in there masked and no one would care.

Evolved Human Enhanced Physiology

Zhi has the ability that transforms the holder into the peak of human physical and mental development within two years. Every year after that all attributes are increased, multiplying the current ability by 1.2 %. Over the years Zhi has continued to grow stronger, smarter and faster. His upper limit is unknown. As a byproduct, some of attributes currently exceed the maximum human capacity - strength, speed, agility, dexterity, vision, hearing, perception, healing, durability etc.. An interesting note is that as the years have passed he has begun to age noticeably slower. He is 68 but looks to be 37. It is unknown how long of a natural life he will have but it is presumed to be a long time.