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Spoiler warning: Plot spoilers, such as the fact that

Mr. Parkman is Worse the the Boogieman!

may follow. Read on at your own discretion.
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Near Future Plans

  • a Micro-HEROES page


  • Adam Monroe is the Hooded Killer.
  • Maury Parkman is an accomplice.
    • Charles Deveaux died of natural causes.
    • Kaito Nakamura was killed by Adam in an act of vengeance.
    • Mrs. Petrelli was attacked mentally.
    • Mr. Parkman pretended to be a victim.
    • Bob is next.

~Group of Twelve~

  • Robert “Bob” Bishop (Alchemy): Executive of the Company. Founding Member of the Company.
  • Daniel Linderman (Biokinesis Form IIHealing”): Former Executive of the Linderman Group. Founding Member of the Company.
  • Maury Parkman (Telepathy): Founding Member of the Company.
  • Maarten (Pyrokinesis): Founding Member of the Company.
  • Kaito Nakamura (Unknown): Founding Member of the Company.
  • Arthur Petrelli (Unknown): Founding Member of the Company.
  • Angela Petrelli (Unknown): Founding Member of the Company.
  • Charles Deveaux (Unknown): Founding Member of the Company.
  • Adam Monroe (Biokinesis Form I "Regeneration"): Founding Member of the Company.


The Tale of Kensei and Koi

Takezo was a wild and savage man until he received his powerful sword from the renowned Swordsmith. With the sword Takezo was able to focus all his strength and courage. Some say this sword, and Takezo’s power, were a Godsend. Takezo become a mighty samurai and sought the tutorage of the Dragon of Kiso Mountain. The Dragon agreed to help in exchange for all of his love. Takezo loved a princess with all his heart but knew Japan would fall if he did not triumph, so he agreed. The Dragon taught him and he became Kensei or a “sword saint”.

With this sword Kensei became a hero, and with being a hero come great responsibility. The Princess tasked him with the protection of all Japan.

White Beard, a mighty warlord, began to take over Japan from the south, and destroying all in his path. His plan was to take Otsu and take over the whole of Japan. Expecting certain victory in Otsu, White Beard personally led a small portion of his troops into the peaceful town, only to be met by Kensei.

An eclipse loamed overhead, and as it did Mirai no Koi appeared. White Beard bade his men to fire upon the pair. Koi stopped the arrows and transported Kensei to safety. Later that day, Kensei singlehandedly defeated Whitebeard and his men in the Battle of Twelve Swords. After the Battle of Twelve Swords, Kensei’s first trial would be to retrieve the Fire Scroll from the protection of ninety angry ronin. With the aid of Koi, Kensei was transported to the fortress and slew the ninety ronin to retrieve the Fire Scroll. Kensei came from the battle unscathed.

Takezo Kensei and his diminutive companion, Koi, discovered the map scroll with information on the Hidden Fortress of White Beard being guarded by a small bear on a large rock. Believing the bear to be the Black Bear of Sakashita, Kensei drew his sword and lunged at the animal. As he got closer he found a much larger bear behind the rock. The larger bear threatened Kensei but Kensei nobly fought with the bear. With the large bear gone, Koi plucks the scroll out of the paws of the smaller bear and cheers. Then Koi transports Kensei away.

Kensei reaches White Beard’s camp with Koi and the Princess. White Beard uses a gun and fires at the Princess, forcing Koi to transport her into an open space. There, he defeats every one of Whitebeard’s men in a battle lasting 11 days. At one point Koi returned to destroy most the guns in White Beard’s camp. They were stocked in a tent filled with gun power. Koi then set off an explosion that turned the battle into Kensei’s favor.

Finally, Kensei duels Whitebeard himself, and after an epic battle, Kensei emerges as the victor, saving all of Japan from tyrannical rule.

After Kensei’s trials, he and the princess decided to marry, but the celebrations were short-lived—the enormous Dragon interrupted their marriage ceremony and demanded the princess. To protect his love, Kensei plunged his sword into his heart, and then offered his heart to the Dragon. He told the Dragon that his without his heart he would have no love.

Though Kensei died in the arms of his love, the Dragon, moved by Kensei’s love and honor, replaced Kensei’s heart and brought him back to life.