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Welcome to my user page. If you wish to talk to me on my talk page, Click here.

Blue sword.jpg
Alias Jebriggs98
Sex Female
Age 29
Home Connecticut
Occupation Drafter, Photographer
Favorite Heroes quote "Most of what we are is what people expect us to be. I mean, if you take them away, nothing means anything." Nathan Petrelli
Favorite quote If absolute power corrupts absolutely, does absolute powerlessness make you pure?
Favorite color Red
Favorite episode Unexpected
Favorite character Peter
Favorite power Empathic Mimicry
US I am from the United States

Life is not a dress rehersal.

About Jeanette

I work as a mechanical drafter. I like to tell people that I get paid to draw not so pretty pictures all day. When I'm not working to pay the bills I'm practicing photography. I love it as a hobby and have slowly been trying to make some money doing it too. I have high hopes that eventually I can earn a living doing it and give up my day job...


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