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Name Power Location Sources
{{{name}}} Unknown Unknown {{{source}}}


Produces a formatted row on the evolved humans table.

| name = <!--Character's name.  Will autolink to existing articles -->
| namelink = <!-- enter "no" if name should remain unlinked -->
| sortname = <!-- Name to display/sort by, e.g. Bennet, Claire-->}}
| power = <!-- OPTIONAL Character's power. Will autolink to existing articles; defaults to "Unknown" -->
| location = <!-- OPTIONAL Character's location. Will autolink to existing articles; defaults to "Unknown" -->
| source= <!-- source(s) for character's evolved status.-->
| deceased = <!--OPTIONAL "true" marks character as deceased; "Sylar" marks character as deceased and links to [[Sylar's victims]] -->
| letter = <!--OPTIONAL If the character is the first listed alphabetically for a letter, set to that later. -->

Inline for cut-and-paste:

 {{evolved|name= |sortname= |power= | location= |source= |deceased= }}