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Red Lightning
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Held by: Patrick Simmonds,
Ando Masahashi (Synthetic)
Ability to: Manipulate Red Energy/Lightning

'Red Lightning Is the ability to Use and Manipulate Red Energy to use as a weapon or to turn into Lightning.

Ando Masahashi

A part of his " Supercharging " ability Ando can use this energy as a weapon.

Patrick Simmonds

Patrick can manipulate the energy as a weapon and can transmute into the energy.



Ando has perfected the ability so he can target enemies and aim precisely.He also has the ability of supercharging Evolved Humans.It is uncertain if he can supercharge the lightning to make it powerful enough to kill.


Patrick has also perfected the ability so he has 100% control and can actually transmute into energy.While in energy form he can not be destroyed/killed.


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