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User:Mc hammark/Untold Tales/Chapter 3

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Volume: One
Episode Number: 103
First aired: January, 28th 2010
Pinehearst card.jpg
Written by: Mc hammark
Previous episode: Chapter 2: The One We Need
Next episode: Chapter 4: Agents
UntoldTalesV1C3 title.jpg

The front door crashed open. A black man in leather clothes walked in, accompanied by a blonde women.

"What do you want?" asked Mark.

"Don't be scared. Arthur Petrelli sent us. We're from Pinhearst," said the woman.

"Who said I was scared?" Mark asked her.

"I did. I can smell it. You stink of fear," said the man.

"What, so you can smell fear? You're special aren't you?" Mark asked the man.

"Yeah, I can smell the fear. And more." he replied.

"And you?" Mark asked, turning his attention to the woman.

"Yeah. I'm fast. Really fast." she said.

"So. What is Pinehearst exactly?" Mark asked the two.

"It's a cover company," said the woman.

"A cover company for what, exactly?"

"For people like us," said the man. "They embrace us and use our abilities; not lock us up."

"You mean like Primatech?

"No. We're not Primatech. We don't lock people up. We give them a chance to prove themselves."

"We work for a guy. He gives us assignments, we complete them and get payed." said the woman.

"So, what do you want from me?" Mark asked the two.

"We were sent to recruit you," said the woman. She reached out and gave Mark a card. "Here. This is our card." She reached into her bag and pulled out some documents. "These are your travel documents and plane ticket. The flight leaves in two days time." She handed Mark the documents.

"So I have two days to make up my mind?"

"Yeah," said the Man. "Then, if you're not with us, you'll be considered against us!"

"Guess I don't have much of a choice then, do I?"

"Not really, no," said the woman. "Come on. Let's go."

The two left the house leaving Mark standing there holding the documents. He remembered what Claude had said to him; to be the one they needed. But the question was, would he be man enough to stand up and defend those who need it. Those who are ignored in their time of need. Would he just be like the rest, or could he be a hero?

To Be Continued...