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The best sentence on the wiki:

"Past Hiro mistakes Present Hiro for the Future Hiro."

I'm Mark, I'm a massive fan of Heroes and started watching it since it began in the UK in 2007. I'm also a Heroes Wiki Patroller.

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Mc hammark
Powers Energy Conversion
Sex Male
Home Sullivan Bros. Carnival
Occupation Carny
I am from the
United Kingdom

Fan Fiction

I wrote my own fan fiction, entitled Untold Tales. Initially two volumes were planned, but once the series was cancelled, Volume Two was put on an indefinite hiatus.

For a time I also wrote for a fan fiction series about the Company, entitled Heroes:The Company, originally created by Jenx222.

And with one slip of the finger, it could have been a totally different story!


The Gallery Below

If you have a look directly below here, you'll see six of my subpages.

  1. The first is my first ability page, Energy Conversion;
  2. The second is a gallery of all the fan made assignment tracker pictures.