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Melissa Petrelli
Sketch peter simone.jpg

Peter & Melissa Petrelli
Portrayed by Melissa O.
Nickname Meli Petrelli
Powers Enhanced memory
Aliases Meli, Meli-Meli
Sex Female
Age 22
Date of birth May 8th
Home Venezuela
Occupation Graphic Design Student
Favorite Heroes quote "You're like me, aren't you? I'd like to see how that works." - Sylar (to Peter) (Parasite)
Favorite quote "Everything happens for a reason"
Favorite color Green
Favorite episode How to Stop an Exploding Man
Favorite graphic novel Petrified Lightning
Favorite character Peter Petrelli
Least favorite character Elle
Favorite power Empathic mimicry
Favorite fruit Watermelon
Favorite sport Soccer
Favorite magazine Cosmopolitan

Hey there. Mi name is Melissa, I'm a Graphic Design Student, and I currently live in the US, even-though I am originally from Venezuela. I am an administrator over at the Spanish version of the Heroes Wiki. I'm really not the 'founder' of the Spanish version, but I think the Admin over at this site made me an admin. over there, because I am one of the users who has contributed the most in the Spanish site. So I don't really know much more about this than you do, but I try.

About Melissa

I am 22 years old, I am married and currently unemployed, so that's why I have so much time to spend around here helping the Heroes Wiki community, both in English and in Spanish. Particualrly the Spanish site, since I want to help it have more articles in Spanish to bring more people to the site, and therefore more users, more helpers :).


I began to have an interest in Heroes ever since I saw the first episode of season one, and I have been watching the series ever since. But just recently I decided to join almost all the Heroes comunities out there like the NBC site, where I participate in their boards. Then I found Heroes Wiki, where I was exited to find ALL the information possible regarding the show. And then I found out they just recently launched the site in Spanish, so I decided to join and help out, and here I am.




  • Please, f you speak Spanish, and want to help, visit the Spanish site.
  • If you wish to talk to me, visit my talk page.