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Sex Female
Age 29
Occupation I work in television
Favorite Heroes quote "You're not a killer Peter, I am." - Sylar
Favorite episode Duel
Favorite Heroes actor Zachary Quinto
Favorite Heroes actress Cristine Rose
Favorite character Peter
Favorite power Empathetic Mimicry
Favorite magazine Independent Filmmaker

Hi, I've watched Heroes since the premiere. I've read every graphic novel. I've played the I-story and I own all the DVD's (I've worn out the director's tracks). I'm not really a sci-fi nerd, so please don't ask me about StarWars or whatever... but if it's about Heroes, I probably know the answer. I found Heroeswiki a couple of years ago and though I'm not on here 24/7, I think it's a great tool to research with and it's fun to read what everyone thinks after an episode airs.