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Here lies a text dump of my views on the Fan powers/Archive page. It's a long read, if you have views dont take the time talking to me, just change them on the actual page. It is in note form yes, and it may not be understandable in places due to me thought patterns, who knows, but its here and I'll work from it.

After the recent bombardment of changes, this list should now be accurate and is up-to-date-ish as of 31st Oct. Need to redo it, to be honest.

Adhesion - could rewrite to form the opposite of Repel (which would make Abiotic and Absolute Magnetism redundant)

Anatomical Automatism - nice idea, may need medical rewrite

Animal Magnetism - rewrite to focus on Charm? Too similar to Persuasion? Needs some thought before touching

Animation - Too similar to Telekinesis?

Biological Weaponry - needs some kind of explanation, current thoughts: sharpening arms to become knives (a la T2 perhaps?)

Black Box Effect - Not the various types of black boxes I know... major rewrite or else removal/merge (Absurdity?)

Bodily Possession - possible clearing up

Crystal Generation - needs a rewrite and/or a use?

Deflection - similar to Repel? Could be made into Repel...

Density Control - small clean up?

The Drunken Monkey's Kiss - yeeeaaaaahhhh...

Dust Manipulation - see the probably soon to be created atmokinesis.

Feedback - interesting, don't know what to make of it

Forcefield Generation - could be merged into Repel...

Frequency Channeling - I cant put my finger on whats wrong with this, but something is.

Fusion - not sure if Fusions the right word, but I cant think of anything to replace it

Gender Alteration - getting kinda silly now arent we?

Gerontokinesis - uh no thanks. Though nice limit there.

Glucokinesis - some rewording? Not as wacky and stupid as it currently appears based on that first line.

Haemokinesis - tracking blood is too far. Whole power too far?

Halokinesis - Meh, rewrite or else removal

Hormokinesis - from Greek 'ormo', but yeah, Hormo would be the obvious link between name and power eh?

Hyalokinesis - the ability to telekinetically control all froms of glass. So its limited telekinesis. So its probably one for the chop, despite it actually having some thought behind it, unlike other kinesisisis...

Hydrokinesis - flesh it out. Should probably be kept due to its four element status

Hyper Mind - small rewrite/fleshing out

Induced Obstruction - wouldnt mind an explanation. Whether one is possible or not... ah, well at least it makes you think.

Instant Fatality - it feels a sort of lazy power... "Yeah he can, uh, kill people by thinking it." I dunno, graphic rewrite or removal

Kinesokinsiakinesis - Thats not a power, thats a rant... I can certainly see where its coming from though.

Lactokinesis - has there been just a bit too much focus on this one?

Laser Emission - Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation Emission? Swift removal or radical rewrite?

Magnetokinesis - Just give it a new name, perhaps a clean up

Manifestation Activation - new name plase, somethings no right with it.

Metabolic Control - merge with Hibernation, since it links there?

Metal Manipulation - rewrite or remove

Mindscape Transportation - interesting idea, might need some cleaning

Myokinesis - possible add back in the ability to other other peoples muscle structure, would need good rewrite though

Necrokinesis - something doesnt fit, maybe I just find it creepy or too similar to Instant Fatality or something, I dunno.

Nightfall - I dont know what to make of it, after starting so well then suddenly turning me into my monstrous form...

Nosokinesis - not sure about that name...

Omnipotence - a bit talky, perhaps a bit obvious: "Yeah, we'll have a power that makes you the most powerful thing ever conceived and then some."

Onomatopoeisis - nice, may need some clean up or rewording of the Limit. Surely the user would forget or simply not know which words have which effect in normal speach. Oh, then the comical moments...

Osteokinesis - a clean up?

Oxikinesis - Possible rewrite to differ it from Aerokinesis some more, or find a way to merge them. It's a toughie and I'm bordering on seperating them.

Paper Manipulation - Surely this isnt staying.

Past Recollection - two entries above is Panmnesia, which appears to do pretty much the same thing. Time for a merge. Should it have that see also?

Particle Cloud - how would one still have an injury sustained as a particle cloud? Doesnt make sense, possible removal

Petrakinesis - No. Just no. Would possibly be merged with Geo/Terrakinesis anyway.

Plastic Manipulation - Put it in the bin

Power Boosting - nice, but needs explanation/examples perhaps.

Power Randomization - A rewrite or removal. I can see how swapping the power of two strangers might be helpful, but between you and another its surely useless. The limits probably say that but I can make heads or tails out of it.

Putrification Manipulation - Get it off my page now or else find a proper greek word and merge it/make it into a power like Nosokinesis.

Pyroportation - if my finger has emerged from a candle flame in someones house, and they freak out and extinquish the fire... what happens to me finger? Otherwise, I can only suggest this would work better with shadows or even doorways for example.

Quasi-stellar Anatomy - sounds a bit like picking a choosing from other powers

Radio Interference - may need a few more words, nothing more though.

Rapid Gyration - harsh limits, dont you think? "You can spin like the Tazmanian Devil! Only if you're Sylar, Peter or have three parents or something we dont yet have a name for."

Seismokinesis - is it me, or is that the ability to move movements? Could have anything from a rename or a rewrite or a removal.

Sense Sight - rewrite or merge, probable rewrite it seems seperate enough from actually seeing everything

Silver Manipulation - Remove.

Solidification - like the idea, might need clearing up, I'm not sure

Soul Protection - Bodily Possession? Either way I think both need a clean up

Sonokinesis - Perhaps a bit far fetched towards the end

Statikinesis - again, would love an example but I'm not going to get one am I. Dont know what to do with this.

Stealth - a pick and mix of powers? merge, reword or remove

Temporary Ability/Apperance Retention - sounds awfully familiar to something I know I've read but I cant remember it at all. But that means this probably has a merge/removal

Vertebral Audition - what the heck?

Vocal Mimicry - reword, its as though someones said "THIS is why the power shouldnt have been deleted" instead of explaining the power

Wall Crawling - again something that I think was covered nearer the top of the page. Same merge or removal note.