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Portrayed by Dan
In-story stats
Known ability Whisknosis
Formal name Dan
Nickname "That crazy man with the whisk"
Age Somewhere between 3 and 82
Date of birth Yes
Date of death Not Yet
Home Florida
Residence Dan's kitchen
Occupation Chef

Dan is an evolved human who finds out he has the power of whisknosis while looking for an escaped hedgehog from Level 5 in a rice pudding factory.

Character History


Whisknosis is the ability to hit people in the face with a whisk.


  • Whisk

Memorable Quotes

"I whisk this power would go away!"

- Dan


  • Dan joined the cast of Heroes Wiki in May 2007.


  • In the original script, Dan was supposed to have the power of "Canopenery" - the power to hit people in the face with a can opener.

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