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The Beerleader
The Beerleader.jpg
It is when Save The Cheerleader went wrong.


Season 1

Lunch With Sylar

The Beerleader is a waitress in Sylar's meal with Peter and Nathan.

Life or Noah Bennet

The Beerleader meets her father, Dave, who is Noah Bennet's brother.Then she goes to the corner shop with Dave and shoots Lyle very randomly.

Season 2

Who Is He?

The Beerleader rents out a pub in Southern Germany to hide from Louis Theroux and Jeremy Clarkson's wrath of utter jibberish. Unluckily for The Beerleader, James May was already in that pub and The Beerleader served him some cider and then shot him. It hurt. Apparently.

Heroes Or Villains

The Beerleader is named as one of the group of 68 characters in Heroes: Season 3.

Season 3


The Beerleader entered the pub and afterwards, she killed Adam Monroe, Matt Parkman and Usutu's cousin, The Haitian.

Graphic Novel:Imprisonment

She was locked in Level 5 for 22 years.

Music Career

She stared out in a band called The Company who had hits with Prima-Tech and Parkman's Pies. She then went solo and and three hits. The names of these hits were Look Out, He's A Precog, Mohinder's Cab Ran Out Of Petrol and Petrelli Puppetry (Duet with Eric Doyle).

Memorable Quotes

- "JFK is over there."

    (The Beerleader to Noah)

- "Level 5 is purple?!"

    (The Beerleader to Angela)

- "Waffles are killing Mr. Muggles and will kill you Hiro."

    (The Beerleader to Ando)

- "Your pot pies taste like Maury's pizzas."

    (The Beerleader to Linderman)

- "I think i'm the cat-eclipse."

    (The Beerleader to Noah)

- "You know this guy?" - "Yes, he's my physiotherapist."

    (The Beerleader and Elle talking about Dr. Livitz)


  • She likes WWE.
  • Her power is being drunk.
  • Her real name is Seehor Lavinils, which is an anagram of Heroes Villains.
  • Arthur Petrelli said in Heroes Or Villains that he killed The Beerleader but she was hiding in Haiti in The Haitian's house.
  • She was last seen in Level 5, but she was released after only 2 years of her 22 year sentence.


  • In Lifeline, Usutu tells The Beerleader that her dad is Mna although she was drunk, VERY DRUNK and does'nt realise that her real father is actually Noah Bennet's brother Dave.
  • The Beerleader is part of an army assembled by Nathan Petrelli's grandad.
  • Her location was in Flint's fridge.
  • It is now in Noah's broken toilet.
  • Her only encounter with Angela was when they went to a Wham! concert in 1992 even though they broke up 6 years before the concert.