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Nickname OBZ
Sex Male
Age 20
Occupation Artist, blogger, dating coach, t-shirt designer, YouTuber
Favorite quote Do something well enough, never do it for free.

About Me

G'day, I'm Zack, born in Australia hence the name OutbackZack. I'm mostly known for my website PauseStopRewind that covers everything YouTube including interviews, reviews, news, and tips & tricks. I too am a YouTube partner and am best known for my comedy style videos. I recently have been developing a reputation as YouTube's go to t-shirt designer having created designs for YouTubers Shane Dawson, Brittani Louise Taylor, and many others. I've also done various drawings and paintings for actors and musicians clients including David H. Lawrence XVII, Conor Oberst, and Lady Gaga.

While in big cities on my travels, I work part-time as a dating coach for men. I teach them what attraction is, how it differs between men and women, and the various ways to create attraction in women. I've also done a few stand up routines at comedy clubs.