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(P)uerto (R)ican (K)nock(O)ut
Nickname PRKO
Powers Enhanced Editing
Sex Male
Age 15
Date of birth 2-15-94
Home New York, New York
Occupation Student
Favorite Heroes quote "I hate heroes."
Favorite colors Green, Silver
Favorite character Sylar
Least favorite character Tracy Strauss
Favorite power Telekinesis
Favorite impersonator Frank Caliendo
Favorite fruit Apple
Favorite sport Football
Favorite magazine GameInformer
US I am from the United States

HELLO HeroesWikians! I am PRKO, here and at your service. It usually takes me a while to really get started on my whole userpage thing but soon this place will be packed with information no one cares for!

My spoiler for "Into Asylum" was 100% correct. BOOYAKA!!!

Best. Season. Finale. EVER. Poor Nathan is dead, but Sylar is paying for his sins....kind of. It's obvious that he is healing away all that crap Matt did to him, just like Peter did in season two. You heard it here first. What I don't understand is why the writers just didn't have Claire give Nathan her blood. Have they forgotten about that?