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Women do most delight in revenge.
Portrayed by Sara
Nickname Sephie
Powers Empathic mimicry: Plant manipulation, rapid cell regeneration, illusion, enhanced memory, alchemy, flight, and sound manipulation
Alias Sara
Sex Female
Age 22
Date of birth 09/30/1987
Favorite Heroes quote Hiro: It is not the sword. It is the man.
Favorite color Green
Favorite Heroes actor Zachary Quinto, Masi Oka
Favorite Heroes actress Cristine Rose, Ali Larter
Favorite character Tie up between Sylar, Peter, Tracy (I see potential in the character), and Hiro
Least favorite character Claire and Maya
Favorite power Lightening manipulation, empathic mimicry, and space-time manipulation
Favorite fruit Ew.
Favorite sport Football