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Note: This character page is an entry for the Cockney Heroes competition, and should not be considered canon.
Mental Disturbance
Painting realized squint.JPG
Hiro is unable to concentrate
Held by: Daniel Schneider
Ability to: Disturb others' concentration

Mental Disturbance is the ability to disturb people's, and animals', concentration.



This ability enables the user to disturb others' concentration. The ability requires that the user touch their target for the ability to work. The target/s receive terrible headaches and are unable to think as they would normally. These headaches are very painful and, originally, stopped immediately once Daniel wasn't touching him/her anymore. However with practice, Daniel is able to make these headaches continue even after he isn't touching his target anymore. If one concentrates hard enough, one is able to amplify the ability and cause people so much pain that they pass out, and in the case of evolved humans unable to concentrate on using their abilities. Mental Disturbance also gives one protection from mental attacks (i.e. telepathy), causing "feedback" to the telepath. Because this ability requires touch, it can only affect people or animals within arm's reach. When one is angered or scared, however, the ability is amplified and affects everyone within a two-mile radius. The closer someone is to the user the worse their headaches will be, for example: someone standing beside Daniel will have a terrible headache whereas someone at arm's reach would have a less painful headache.


See Also

  • For the similar ability to stop evolved humans from using their abilities, see Mental manipulation.