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Pred 0212
Pred yatta.jpg
This is me at Times Square doing Hiro's "Yatta!" pose!
Nickname Joe
Powers Invisibility
Sex Male
Age 23
Date of birth February 12, 1985
Home Omaha, NE
Occupation Student
Favorite Heroes quote "大ピンチ!."--Hiro Nakamura
Favorite episode How to Stop an Exploding Man
Favorite character Sylar

About Me

Hi there, I am a student at Iowa State University, senior in Aerospace Engineering. I love Heroes and was instantly drawn into it after watching the first teaser preview on TV. I am also a huge fan of the anime Naruto, and I think the rich character development in both Heroes and Naruto is what really attracts me to them, not to mention the action! Hope to contribute to HeroesWiki a lot during Season 2.

Hobbies: Learning Japanese, playing DDR and IIDX, playing piano, chillin' with friends