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First appearance New Guy
In-story stats
Known ability Original ability:
Empathic mimicry

known abilities Mimicked Rapid cell regeneration Freezing Flight Electric manipulation Phasing

Alias Robby
Age 13

Terrance"Nikko Vasters is a 13 year old prep school student livng in Washington D.C. with his mother and is the main protaginist of the fan fiction graphic Novel Anti Heroes.Nikko is also and evolved human with the ability of Empathic Mimicry. ---

Character History

Nikko first discovered his abilities by accedntly bumping into an undercover Woman on the way to Montice Prep school.He is hanging out on the top of Montice Prep school when a ninth grader named Rick comes to the roff with his freinds and threatens Nikko.Nikko lies and says he is not scarred of Rick and is backed off the building. He falls and breaks several bones but regenerates. Later after being taken away by Noah Bennet and ask to help him find a way to kill The Most Dangerous Evolved Human of them all.Noah tells Nikko that he can even kill Sylar Nikko replies "Sylar?"

After Arriving at a building called Ivory Tower,Nikko is introduced to Max,an Evolved Human With the ability of Space/Time Minpulation. Noah speaks his memorable quote "One of Us,One of Them" and tells Nikko he wont be partnering with Max but he will.Nikko still thinking this is going way to fast exclaims what am i suppose to do then Noah introduces him to Luna a child with the ability of Intuitive aptitude(Although she does not posses sylars hunger). Luna tells Nikko their searching for The Apocalypse,the code name for The Most Powerful Evolved Human. Later Max and Noah drop Nikko and Luna off in Texas and give them an envelope with information on a gangster named Dex and tells them that the entire gang are their first targets. When fighting Dex's Gang Luna uses a taser on the the green shirted gangster and tells Nikko to take his ability.Confused Nikko runs up to the man and firmly grasp his arm saying Power steal,power on,and power go. Luna then tells nikko to just relax and let it come naturaly. He relaxes and takes the gangster's ability of Electric Manipulation. Luna,being able to use and understand abilities without brain removal tells Nikko to point his arm outward and think of the gangster that is knocked out. As a result Nikko shoots a gangster in a denim jacket. Nikko tries his ability on the suffering Denim Gangster and gains the power of phasing. Amazed Nikko gets cocky and tries to fire elctricty while think of Denim Jacket and falls through the floor.Luna being able to use abilities of people shes near phases to go get him. When She returns Dex is gone.

In The following issue,Crossover, Nikko and Luna meet Rolland and Peirce,two fellow junior agents, and are kidnapped by them. They are taken to a skyscrapper in the middle of the woods called hollow pillar. When they arrive Nikkko ask "How people don"t notice a skyscraper in the woods". Peirce answers by introducing them to Shroud,an evolved human with the ability of cloaking,Hence her hiding the skyscraper. Rolland tells Luna and Nikko that shrouds second in charge Nikko ask second in charge of what. Then they're introduced to Jackson. Jackson tells them he's in charge of the A.W. Project and is working to benefit evolved humans. After a talk Luna joins but Nikko is sceptical of Jackson's motives he joins nevertheless because he is worried about Luna's safety.

In the following issue,Crossover, Its been 4 months and a new member Named Tara shows up at Hollow Pillar,the A.W. base Tara and Nikko are partnered up for missions while Luna chooses to do Experiments for Jackson,which includes creating an ability formula. Nikko learns that Tara is afraid of using her ability and refuses to show him. So he copies it and finds out by freezing a truck she has freezing powers. Nikko is still teaching Tara to controll her abilities but as shown in,Too Many Faces,she still freezes accedntly.