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Raiku Lucifer Hunka Hunka Burnin Love Samiyaza
Portrayed by Gavin Price
Nicknames Gav, Raiku
Powers Super Speed, Flight, Pyrokinesis, Super Strength, Cryokinesis, Telepathy, Phasing, Gravity Manipulation, Terrakinesis, Lightning, Badasskinesis
Sex Male
Age 12
Date of birth 1997
Home California
Occupation Super Hero
Favorite Heroes quote "Isn't this the part where you're susposed to start screaming?" - Sylar to Isaac Mendez
Favorite quote "Texas, Hell Yeah!" Bluebry, Wiki User Wiki
Favorite color Maroon
Favorite episode Orientation
Favorite graphic novel Into the Wild, Part 3
Favorite actor Laurence Fishburne
Favorite actress Tina Fey
Favorite impersonator Amy Poehler, Saturday Night Live
Favorite fruit Apple
Favorite sport Boxing
Favorite magazine Heroes Magazine
US I am from the United States

I'm baaaaaaaack!