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Name Known Powers
Abu Aswan
Angela Petrelli (outbreak future)
Brian Davis
Claire Bennet (explosion future)
Evan Cloning
Hana Gitelman (explosion future)
Liquid man Water mimicry
Maarten Pyrokinesis
Matt Parkman (explosion future)
Michelle Valcek
Niki Sanders (explosion future) Enhanced strength (synthetic)
Paulette Hawkins
Peter Petrelli (explosion future)
Rollo Fusor's accomplice Dehydration
Sanjog Iyer
Zane Taylor
Flint Gordon, Jr. Pyrokinesis
Claire Bennet
Hana Gitelman
Amid Halebi
Matt Parkman
Alejandro Herrera Alejandro's ability
Elle Bishop Electric manipulation
Michael Laser emission
Peter Petrelli Original ability:
Empathic mimicry (lost)
Current ability:
Ability replication (synthetic)
Current replicated ability:
Known abilities replicated:
Enhanced strength,
Shape shifting,
Super speed,
Enhanced synesthesia,
Space-time manipulation,
Healing touch,
Mental manipulation,
Rapid cell regeneration,
Precognitive dreaming,
Leonard Cushing Acid secretion
Sylvia (KGB operative) Mass manipulation
Bianca Karina Lung adaptation
Molly Walker
Sparrow Redhouse Terrakinesis
Nathan Petrelli
Daphne Millbrook Super speed
Misha Telekinesis
Curtis Hovsepian
Adam Soo Hoo Clairvoyance
Linda Tavara
Adam Monroe Rapid cell regeneration (lost)
Abigail Forcefields
Alexander French Telescopic vision
Daniel Linderman
Agent (super speed)
Mohinder Suresh
Chris Coolidge Enhanced synesthesia
Richard Drucker Electronic communication
West Rosen Flight
Bridget Bailey Clairsentience
Eric Doyle Puppet master
Isaac Mendez
Agent (electric manipulation)
Agent (sound absorption) Sound absorption
Alex Woolsly Aquatic breathing
Alice Shaw Weather control
Claude Rains
Angela Petrelli
Charlie Andrews
Ishi Nakamura
Candice Willmer
Hiro Nakamura
Brendan Lewis Plant manipulation
Elisa Water mimicry
Jeremy Greer Healing touch
Evan Davis Danger sensing
Joseph Sullivan Empathic manipulation
Kaito Nakamura
Damian Memory manipulation
Becky Taylor Invisibility
Knox Enhanced strength
Ted Sprague
Maury Parkman
Connie Logan Appearance alteration
M. F. Harris Cloning
D.L. Hawkins
Ando Masahashi
Arnold Space-time manipulation
Tracy Strauss Freezing (synthetic)
Sylar Intuitive aptitude,
Current acquired abilities:
Rapid cell regeneration,
Sound manipulation,
Electric manipulation,
Lie detection,
Shape shifting,
Julien Dumont Cloning
Jennie Bowman Fire breathing
Edgar Super speed
Deirdre Image projection
Sparrow Redhouse (explosion future) Terrakinesis
Emma Coolidge Enhanced synesthesia
Meredith Gordon
Matt Parkman (exposed future)
Donna Dunlap Telescopic vision
Sylar (explosion future) Intuitive aptitude
Known acquired abilities:
Enhanced memory,
Enhanced hearing,
Rapid cell regeneration
Echo DeMille Sound manipulation
Future terrorist Future terrorist's ability
Anna Korolenko Neurocognitive deficit
Eden McCain Persuasion
Hachiro Otomo Hachiro's ability
Coach Lewis Pyrokinesis
James Martin Shape shifting
Teenage patient
Bob Bishop Alchemy
Caleb Spider mimicry
Arthur Petrelli
Fiona Flight
El Diablo Fire casting
Sebastian Shell Object displacement
Daphne Millbrook (exposed future) Super speed
Peter Petrelli (exposed future)
Tracy Strauss (exposed future) Freezing (synthetic)
Eli Cloning
James Walker
Amanda Strazzulla Spontaneous combustion
Ando Masahashi (exposed future)
Charles Deveaux
Matt Neuenberg Enhanced memory
Paul Harding Hair manipulation
Khufu Levitation
Chinese Guy Flight
Claire Bennet (exposed future)
Rachel Mills
Baron Samedi Impenetrable skin
Jesse Murphy Sound manipulation
Danny Pine Metal mimicry
Shanti Suresh
Matt Parkman, Jr. Activation and deactivation
The German Magnetism
Damen Peak Persuasion
Chris Bowman Fire breathing
Jessica Sanders
Dahlia Hays Original ability:
Gained abilities:
Space-time manipulation (synthetic)
Joe Macon Imprinting
Harmon Wall crawling
Magnetism terrorist Magnetism
Jess Murphy
Maya Herrera Poison emission (lost)
Miko Otomo Miko's ability
Donna (Dark Matters) Flight
Felipe Acerra
Au Co
Daniel Buzzetti
Female fugitive Unknown
Gordon Hovey Granulation
Harry Fletcher
Ricky (trainee) Green energy blast
Santiago Accelerated probability
Floating boy Flight
Felicia Brooks Disintegration touch
Biker Woman Electric manipulation
Traveler Omnilingualism
Dale Smither
Samir Mellouk Phasing
Howie Kaplan Oil secretion
Leona Mills Age transferal
Samuel Sullivan Terrakinesis
Benjamin Franklin Electrical absorption
Ian Michaels Plant growth
Francis Culp Telekinesis
Gabriel Gray (exposed future) Intuitive aptitude
Known acquired abilities:
Rapid cell regeneration,
Sound manipulation,
Induced radioactivity
Teleportation trainee Teleportation
Knox (exposed future) Enhanced strength
Hhgregg employee None
Lydia Empathy
Hiro Nakamura (explosion future)
Niki Sanders
Luke Campbell Microwave emission
Male fugitive Unknown
René (explosion future)
Edward Accelerated probability
Iris Pyrokinesis
Tina Ramierez Chlorine gas exudation
Piper Elasticity
David Sullivan
Stephen Canfield Gravitational manipulation
Mohinder Suresh (exposed future) Enhanced strength and senses
Game operator Telekinesis
Usutu Precognition
Byron Bevington
Tracy Chobham
Caspar Abraham Memory storage
Mary Krause Acidic blood
Speedster trainee Super speed
Angry Old Man Super speed
Ryan Hanover
Monica Dawson Adoptive muscle memory
Manhattan target Nerve gas emission
Manuel Garcia Teleportation
Malina Elemental control
Luke Collins Luke's ability
April Clifton Flight
Henry Shape shifting
Chameleon girl Dynamic camouflage
Farah Nazan Invisibility
Sue Landers Lie detection
Marcus Crumpling
Angie Flight
James Dearing Enhanced strength
Elizabeth Axelson Unknown
The Russian Age shifting
Penkala Burton
Crane boy
Nathan Petrelli (exposed future) Flight (synthetic)
Dress Lady Unknown
Paula Gramble
Ida May Walker Mediumship
Donald Essex Water mimicry
Michael Fitzgerald Enhanced strength
René (exposed future) Mental manipulation
Robert Keep Impenetrable skin
Mr. Shaw Seismic burst
Shape shifting evo Shape shifting
Reese Pyrokinesis
Oluwole Adeyemi Super speed
Sue Grandry Plant mimicry
Tom Miller Disintegration
Rami Al-Wazzani Invisibility
Pearl Shattering
Patrick Ottinger Unknown
Pam Green
Runaway evo (III) Unknown
Mrs. Comey Heat generation
Scott Enhanced strength (synthetic)
Molly Walker (exposed future) Clairvoyance
Maria Campos Unknown
Taylor's father Healing
Teddy Cloaking
Mr. Taylor Seismic burst
Repairman Seismic burst
Rob Brewer Flight
Mick the Ice Guy Freezing
Runaway evo (II) Unknown
The Constrictor Constriction
Stephanie Wei Unknown
Oscar Gutierrez Enhanced strength
Phoebe Frady Umbrakinesis
Matthew Parkman, Jr. (explosion future)
Gail Bowman Fire breathing
Tommy Clark Ability absorption
Current absorbed ability:
Space-time manipulation
Known abilities absorbed:
Rapid cell regeneration
Space-time manipulation
Elemental control
Myles Stevens Cyberpathy
Trevor Zeitlan Shattering
Little Miss Goldenrod Gold mimicry
Jose Gutierrez Phasing
Mauricio Chavez Mist mimicry
Phil Haas Shapeshifting
Perrin Crocker Bone spike protrusion
Guillame "Bliss and horror"
Hipster Dude Invisibility
Phil Shape shifting
Carny woman Unknown
Samson Gray Intuitive aptitude
Known acquired abilities:
Runaway evo (IV) Unknown
Richard Telekinesis
Sylvia (refugee) Alchemy
Howard Grigsby Luminescence
Runaway evo (I) Unknown
Micah Sanders