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Portrayed by Sero Jay
In-story stats
Known ability Pyrokinetic Explosions
Gender Male
Age 24
Place of Birth Isle of Bute
Home Glasgow, Scotland
Occupation Customer Service

About Me

Live with my long term partner who is forced to watch Heroes with me and enter debates about paradox's in the time/space continuum. It's all in good fun though as long as I win. Was a late starter with Heroes, entering half way through the first season but quickly caught up and been slightly obsessed since. I wouldn't say I'm the Heroes equivalent of a Trekkie as of yet but I'm slowly getting there.

Everlasting Theories

I kept posting this on Nana Dawson's page and it kept getting removed but I'm gonna stand by it.

Nana is really Mr Muggles and a shape shifter.
+ Powers seem to run in the family.
+ They have never been seen together.
+ They have similar hair.
+ Nana said she had lots of spare time on her hands. This would allow her to go between the families whilst everyone else is busy with work or school.

All the Heroes can teleport.
+ They go all over the world and yet none of them have time to hold full time jobs.
+ Airplane tickets are expensive.
+ Apart from Nathan flying and Hiro being rich, how could they afford this.


Am I the only one extremely bothered by the fact that Caitlin hasn't been mentioned since season 2?
I wasn't a fan of hers and that part of Peter's story annoyed me slightly but really? Nothing? Everything Peter done with Adam was to save her and now it's although she never existed... Surely Tim Kring isn't going to give us all the middle finger by ignoring this issue?

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