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Jack Steelson
In-story stats
Known ability Hydrokinesis
Alias Steely McBeam
Nickname Steely
Age Unknown
Home Sydney, Australia
Occupation Student

Jack Steelson is an evolved human with the ability of Hydrokinesis.


Jack grew up in Sydney, Australia living a relatively normal life. He always felt like an outcast, and when his ability manifested he finally felt the power he knew he deserved. After a few run-ins with the law, and a short stint in jail, He laid low and developed his ability further. After the Australian branch of The Company attempted to bag and tag him, leaving the country was the only real option so after a devastatingly long flight, he landed in Wales. After a few more problems involving his ability he traveled further ending up in a homeless shelter in East London.

Evolved Human Hydrokinesis

Hydrokinesis is the ability to move, create and manipulate water. Jack has varying control over this ability depending on his emotional state, with his ability heightened in states of anger or fear and lessened in most other cases.

At first he could only move water, but after practice and a great deal of time he developed the ability to manipulate water, changing it's state, volume, and weight. After further advancements in time he gained the ability to turn any water vapour into larger amounts of water creating great amounts of fluid.


  • Jack is the first known evolved human with the ability of Hydrokinesis.
  • During his manifestation of the creation aspect of his ability Jack drowned several people, after this he feels immense guilt and strives to use his ability to help others.