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User:Tanderix/Jack Carson

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Jack Carson
Jack Carson.jpg
In-story stats
Known ability Aura revelation
Alias J
Home Italy
Residence Miami
Occupation Policeman

Jack Carson is a man who can detect and manipulate the auras of others.

Character History

During his childhood, Jack had always dreamed of being special. And a few years ago, his dream has come true. In "Rock 'n Roll Pub" in Italy, a policeman was chasing a thief who had just stolen a purse to a lady when Jack raised his arm and from his hand is appeared a green aura. The aura was visible around the thief and the policeman, inside him, a feeling had warned him that the thief was evil and the cop was good. He moved towards the thief and address his arm toward him, the aura of his hand went towards it, knocking him unconscious. Feeling observed by all, ran away and hid in an abandoned warehouse. There he tried and tried again his power, and every time an aura green came from his hand and hit the target. So he went to the police and captured many criminals due to its power. Jack now lives with his wife Amanda in Miami where he is using his power to help people.

Evolved Human Abilities

Jack can detect and manipulate the auras of others.

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