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Very little is commonly known about the woman who calls herself Tarot except that she likes Tarot cards and adores Claude Rains. She has the power of divination though the extent of this power has yet to be measured. The Company first identified her in 1977. It is unknown how she knows Former Agent Rains. Further information is classified.

(See entry in Activating Evolution: [1].)

I see things...
Portrayed by Tracey Daniels
Nicknames Trace,
the seer
Powers seer (can see/sense past, present, and future; ranges anywhere from vague "danger sense" to dreams and visions of events she is not/was not/might not be present for, has also been known to "see" what might have been control index very low)
Alias Tarot
Sex Female
Age 42
Date of birth 22 June 1973
Home Londonderry, NH
Occupation 11-7 RN
Favorite Heroes quote "Let's call a spade a shovel, mate. . . " "It means you're a pain in my arse, mate."
Favorite quote "Normal is just a setting on the washing machine." "Sometimes you're the pigeon, sometimes you're the statue."
Favorite colors red, blue, orchid, orange, vermilion
Favorite episode any with Claude
Favorite graphic novel Sum Quod Sum parts 1 and 2, Rebellion part 3- Family, Rebellion part 7- Liberation, 1988 parts 1 & 2
Favorite Heroes actor Christopher Eccleston
Favorite character Claude Rains
Favorite power invisibility
Favorite fruit pomegranate
Favorite sport Football (soccer)
Favorite magazine Heroes,
Birds and Blooms
US I am from the United States