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In-story stats
Known ability Electric manipulation
Nickname The Dark Master
Age 10
Date of birth January 21 1998
Place of birth California
Home Los Angeles
Occupation Student

TheDarkMaster is an evolved human with the ability of Electric manipulation


Juan has killed numerous people with his ability. he has terrorized many towns by wanting their respect he does not have any mercy and will hurt anyone who stands in his way. he is a Level 5 escapee. he has robbed banks and publicaly used his ability to kill people. he used to be friends with The Traveler but he went his own way instead of helping people.

Heroes Evolutions

Evolved Human Abilities

Juan's ability is Electric manipulation. the company has tracked him various times and has sent their best agents but they never come back. Pinehearst has tried to recrute him but he dislikes working with other people. he is a very dangerous subject and should be approached at their own risk.

Memorable Quotes

"you are about to find out the true meaning of power!!!"

- Juan to company agent


  • extreamly dangerous
  • he is not immune to his ability