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Also known as that geek sitting over there.
Date of birth 03/29/1978
Gender Male

Hey, there. I'm new to this whole wiki thing, but have been a huge fan of Heroes ever since a friend told me I look like this Hiro character from this NBC show. I now go around yelling "Yatta!" with my arms spread open at random intervals throughout the day. The doctors tell me that increase medication should help.


  • I collect Darth Vader figures and buy too many DVDs.
  • I watch way too many martial art movies, hoping to one day discover my muscle mimicking powers like Monica and kick some butt.
  • Firefly was my favorite television show before Heroes.
  • From a distance of maybe 3-4 miles, I could pass as Masi Oka. 2-3 miles if you have really bad vision.

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