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Water generation

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Water generation
Held by: Barbara
Ability to: Create liquid water external to one's body

Water generation is the ability to create liquid water externally from a person's body.



Barbara is capable of quickly generating water in her hands when she cups her hands together. Also, Barbara is able to generate powerful waves of water in the air and seems to be able to control its flow. (Chapter 12 of The Agent). On all occasions, Barbara seemingly does something with her hands, such as cupping them together or raising them into the air.



  • In Interview:iStory follow up, writer Tom Inkel clarified that "Barbara can turn air into water, even at a (short) distance." However, "she doesn't have any control over it once created".

See Also

  • For the similar ability to mimic water, see water mimicry.
  • For the similar ability to freeze objects and transform into a watery substance, see freezing.

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