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Acidic blood

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Acidic blood
Acidic Bood.jpg
Mary's blood is acidic.
Held by: Mary Krause (deceased)
Ability to: Have one's blood be acidic

Acidic blood is the ability to have blood with corrosive properties.



Right after Rachel removed a tube administering a gas/drug through Mary's nasal cavity in Building 26, Mary woke up and began to stand. She was then shot by two guards and fell backwards. The gunshot splattered Mary's blood onto the sheets and flesh of another prisoner, and it burned through that prisoner's sheets and flesh. The splattered blood burned like a strong acid or base. It is unknown as to whether Mary's blood is always acidic, but her ability seems to be passive as immediately after the tube was removed, and she was shot, her blood exhibited acidic properties.


  • When Mary is shot, her blood splatters across a bed and instantly burns through the sheets and flesh of the occupant. (Exodus, Chapter 10 of The Agent)


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