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Acid secretion

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Acid secretion
Powers Acid Punch.jpg
Cushing throws an acidic punch.
Held by: Leonard Cushing (deceased)
Ability to: Generate and secrete a highly corrosive acid

Acid secretion is the ability to generate and secrete a highly corrosive acid.





Cushing can produce acids that dissolve metal substances and burn skin. According to his assignment tracker profile, he performs "multi-directional transdermal acid secretion". Cushing seemingly requires active concentration to use his ability and can control the levels of acidity he generates.

Although it was originally presumed that he also used his power to kill Jamie Wu, he vehemently denied responsibility for the murder. (Trust Issues, Part 1)


Memorable Quotes

"Cushing generates corrosive fluid. It's like acid reflux. Of the much more useful sort than most people are afflicted with. And much deadlier."

- Thompson, Jr. (Trust Issues, Part 1)


See Also

  • For the ability to have acidic blood, see acidic blood.
  • For the ability to secrete crude oil from one's hands, see oil secretion.

Fan Theories

Please refer to Theory:Acid secretion for fan-created theories and other speculation.

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